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SAGA Electric Guitars New Arrivals - Pickups have been upgraded to little Giant II. Appearance and sound quality are both upgraded.
SAGA DAZZLES SMF1314 is the first electric guitar model from SAGA, and the self-developed pickups are the highlight of this electric guitar.
Tommy Emmanuel 2023 Tour Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam has come to an end with great success! Tommy Emmanuel has been hailed by many guitar fans as “The God of Fingerstyle Guitar”.
About SAGA Guitar
SAGA was founded in 2011 by Jamson Tim, covering an area of 30,000 square meters,  more than 200 employees. It has been adhering to the traditional hand made guitar production process, and all the guitars are made of quality wood. It was known for its strict material selection and production requirements. SAGA guitar is one of the most influential brand in China's musical instruments manufacturers. It mainly engaged in guitar research and development, production and sales. Since its establishment, SAGA  has served numerous guitar lovers to learn and enjoy guitar. It has also made many  young people  insist on pursuing their dreams. Therefore, we can say that Saga, in  musical world, is not only a guitar brand, but also represents an attitde toward music, which some people call the love of music, and it is endless. Our motto:Persistence comes from dreams, success comes from focus.
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