The Story Behind the Brand

    Saga brand was born from the founder's music dream. Founder Jamson Tim was born with a love of music and musical talent, which made him a total music freak. In high school, despite his family discouraging his choice of pursuing music, at the university he decided to follow his passion of an art and music-related major. As early as primary school, he really admired those who could play the guitar. He saved what little money he had, bought a guitar and a book to teach himself, and started off on his guitar playing career.

    However, his first guitar was very unprofessionally made, the strings were very high off the fretboard and hard to press down. Even after practicing for nearly a year with little progress, many chords he played didn’t sound clear. All his effort to learn the guitar resulted in failure, which made him feel very disappointed. He even began to wonder if he had the talent to play the guitar. Nearly a year after that time, he gave up on playing guitar.

    In a fortuitous opportunity, Jamson went over to hang out at another student’s house. He had a guitar that appeared to be so well-made that Jamson couldn't resist giving it a try. He tried to press down the strings and found that this guitar was a lot easier to play and the sound quality was very good. Jamson was ecstatic! He then realized something that he hadn't learned before. It was because the guitar he had was not standard or of good quality and had impeded his progress on the guitar for so long. Having this new knowledge, Jamson was filled with emotion, realizing that poor-quality guitars got in the way of so many guitar players’ love of learning.

    He began to look into guitars of varying quality. Many of his friends also complained about the quality of their guitars, even after paying a hefty price, and were not satisfied with the products. But there was no alternative except changing to other guitar brands.International brands were too expensive and out of reach for most people. With this in mind, his impulse was to create his own brand, and decided to try to create world-class guitars; guitars that would provide him, his friends and guitar lovers everywhere with high-quality, affordable guitars.

    While still in college, Jamson first contacted a number of guitar and musical instrument manufacturers. Where he grew up in China is well-known for its guitars, so there were channels to get the primary resources needed to make guitars that were of good quality at affordable prices.

    He started to sell guitars, accumulating some money to prepare to expand production. He began by selling the guitars at his university, then began to sell the guitars off campus. Step by step his efforts led to opening up a guitar shop, having factories produce his guitars, and also began to do some foreign trade.

    Once Jamson began to get large orders, he really started to care about the quality of many factories that manufactured his guitars. The factories had their own requirements but could also drag on and not think about making improvements. The manufacturers were only trying to do what they could to earn more for themselves. So many good ideas and programs were not being implemented.

    Once, a big customer said that there were quality problems, but the factories were reluctant to resolve the problem, and things behind the scenes were becoming very unpleasant. This period was a major blow to Jamson. He thought a domestic factory should have the right attitude towards quality and think about how to create world-famous guitar brands. In order to stand out among the many foreign brands and create a guitar brand to make the guitar owner proud to own, he decided to give up his musical instrument stores and trading company, and was determined to open his own factory to produce guitars.

    If you make your own brand, it must have its own factory. The road ahead for independent production was very difficult, especially making high-quality guitars by international standards! A lot of experiences were extremely difficult to keep up with and they had just begun. Jamson deeply felt great pressure from opening the factory. There was no time to sleep, he always needed to travel; there was anxiety, depression and other things that would temper him to do business successfully. Several times the factory came close to closing its doors during the first two tumultuous years. It appeared that the factory was doomed to fail. However, Jamson thought it was to be his life's work, so failure was not an option. He gritted his teeth and stuck it out through the difficult time.

    The guitar factory was founded in April 2011, but it was not until August 2012 that the first Saga production officially began, but it yielded very little profits. Such a hard experience in the guitar manufacturing industry in China is not uncommon. In this year-and-a-half period, the guitars had undergone numerous tests and improvements, and the team targeted the highest international quality standards; from the drying of materials, materials selection, and production details. In almost all the guitar production, more than 100 methods of processing were repeatedly researched and tested, repeatedly tested and compared, and also they also learned from factories and experts abroad.

    There was much heart and effort put into each process, and because of this, Saga has a major advantage on the production process, from initial concepts and creation of guitars to final production. Saga also has great trust from its customers. It can be said the fusion of trust and respect is the best business model.

    With the Saga brand having become very successful, restructuring various product brand aspects makes Saga have a richer and improved product mix, further promoting the development of the Saga brand. Saga has also fulfilled the dreams of people of all ages, and the fame of Saga is gradually greater in all music circles.

    Chen Lei, currently the best heavy metal musician and well-known China metal guitarist of Chen Lei Tang Dynasty band, joined Saga domestic brands as spokesman. His effort and achievement is that of a model guitar player. In recent years, his exquisite, consummate skills are excellent, and also reflects the users and consumers of major brands. Others have also joined the ranks of Saga users: guitar masters from around China, as well as some excellent musicians in Europe and elsewhere in Asia.

    Today, Saga brand is like a butterfly that has come out of its cocoon with soaring ambition. It can be said that Saga brand products are sold all over extensively to guitar enthusiasts everywhere. Saga’s team has consistently adhered to the inseparability of continuous innovation, striving for excellence, the pursuit of the perfect musical instrument, meticulous attention to product quality and style.

    All this has made the Saga brand a legend in the guitar industry. On the road of pursuing excellence, Saga will share more of the joy of music, continue to contribute to everyone's infinite possibilities, and with great enthusiasm, have been praised by makers of other guitar brands!

    The meaning of Saga is “legend”. Saga, as the brand name, because of its brand development process itself, is already a legend. Saga is also expressed in the musical instrument industry's boundless ambitions, hoping for a brand that can make the guitars legendary without the fear of changing times, always full of vitality.

Saga is a well-known guitar brand famous for its stringent material selection and production requirements. Since its founding, Saga has served countless guitar enthusiasts to make this enjoyment possible.

We also assist countless young people who stick to their dreams and praise them for their accomplishments.

So, we can say that in the music world Saga is not only a guitar brand, but also defines a kind of attitude toward music. This attitude is called the

love of music.

Company Core Values


Saga Brand Definition

Saga means “legendary”.  The brand name is fitting, both because of its brand development process itself is already a legend, and also because it expresses Saga’s unlimited ambition in the music industry. Our hope is for this brand to achieve legendary guitar status without fear of changing times, always full of vitality.

Saga Brand Spirit

Persistence comes from dreams. Success comes from concentration.

Saga Brand Positioning

Saga is all about music, regardless of gender, nationality, age, etc. Saga is for you as long as you are a true music lover.

Saga Brand Mission

Let music into your life, and let Saga help you achieve your dreams! Saga is committed to integrating the spirit of music that adheres to dreams and transcends oneself and integrates into everyone's lives. Let Saga guitars fly higher in the world!

Saga Instruments Brand Vision

The instruments are fully-designed for all people who love music. With high quality as the core, Saga is committed to creating superior guitars. With the high-cost performance concept of Saga, Saga guitars have become the first choice brand for musicians, making a contribution to the development of pop music in the world.

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