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1. Please keep the warranty card as a maintenance certificate.

2. Within 7 days from the date of purchase of the guitar, if there is any quality problem, it can be returned.

3. Within one year from the date of purchase of the guitar, if there are any quality problems, the company will repair it free of charge with replacement parts supplied by the company.

4. If the product is damaged after the warranty period expires, or if the user used the instrument improperly, the owner can still enjoy lifetime maintenance services at reasonable repair costs.

5. If there is no warranty card or the date of purchase cannot be proven, the warranty will be issued according to the date of the production mark on the guitar.


1. Improper maintenance and storage, or damage caused by user error or negligence.

2. The product is disassembled without authorization.

3. Damaged due to modification or incorrect repairs.

4. The warranty period has expired.

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When not in use, the guitar should be put away in its case to maintain a stable humidity. If it is placed on a guitar stand, care should be made to avoid direct sunlight and major temperature or humidity changes. The guitar should not be stored on a wall or the ground for similar reasons.
Guitar bags, batteries, strings, and other related accessories.
Tuners, strings and other metal parts that become rusty or worn will affect the tone quality and appearance of the guitar.
The final interpretation and application of the warranty clause rests with Saga Musical Instruments Co., Limited.
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